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FRIDAY 23rd June

Northern Lhasa Apso Club    (Championship Show)   Ring 24,  Secretary Mrs C Lawson Tel:- 01925-713444

Northern Boston Terrier Club of England (Championship Show) Ring 14 Sec:- Anna Spencer, Tel:- 07740053961

Cheshire & North Wales Yorkshire Terrier Society(Championship Show) ring 10 , Secretary Mr Mark Burns Tel:- 0161 437 7118.

Blackpool & Fylde Bulldog Club   (Open Show)   Ring 18 after the Bulldogs, Secretary Mrs V J Collins-Nattrass, Tel:- 01522-684545

SATURDAY 24th June

Lancs & Cheshire Dachshunds (Championship Show)   rings  9, 10, 11, 12,  from 9am.  Secretary Mrs D Kirkwood-Emery, Tel 01563 524606

Northern Afghan Hound Club, (Championship Show) Ring 3, secretary Ms Judith Ayrton  Tel 01254-351316.

North West Labrador Retriever Club (Championship Show)  Ring 20 , Secretary Miss G Oulton Tel:- 01524 64902.

North of England Cocker Spaniel Association (Open Show) Ring 24, Secretary :- Mrs Anne Sutton Tel:- 01254-581652.

SUNDAY 25th June

Northern Gt Dane Club . (Championship show)  Ring 22 Secretary Mrs O A Bates Tel:- 01606 737444

Northern Bullmastiff Club (Championship Show) Ring 16 After Bullmastiff's Secretary Mr G Shirt, Tel:- 07852 311928


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